13 November 2009

Dance Party on the Bus!

Author’s note: This is really long. Seriously.

Last Saturday night I had the experience of a lifetime. My sister-in-law Lindsey introduced me to Kate Voegele a while back. I really like her music and when Lindsey told me she was coming to concert in Salt Lake, I told her to get me a ticket! So I drove up with Lindsey and her friends Tiffany and Devonne (okay, so Devonne was in her own car if you want to get specific). We get off on 600 S. in SLC which is the most common exit if you are going to downtown SLC. But when we got off and the directions told us to turn right (everything is to the left) I knew we were in trouble. We drove down the very bumpy road and finally arrive where the address says the concert is. I see no building that would be where a concert should be held, but we do see a bunch of people walking down a dark alleyway. We did what any normal, sensible human being would do and followed those people down the dark alleyway.

We see they are all in a line, so we get in line too (author’s note: the whole time we were standing there I kept wishing I had my mace with me ; also, on a completely different note, there were guys in line behind us speaking what we believed was German). I look to see where the line leads to, and all I can see is an outside court area and a tin shack off to the side. I immediately say, well, it can’t be in that shack, so it must be in that small court area outside. The name of the place is Kilby Court, in case you are wondering. There is a tour bus outside, so we must be at the right place.

They finally start letting  people in and we get up to the “ticket office” which is a wooden box with a chick standing inside to take tickets or cash only (luckily I already had a ticket). I noticed a marker board next to the “ticket office” with girly handwriting stating that indeed Kate Voegele would be there with an opening act by Emme Parker. This whole place just screams classy. I also noticed at this time that people were actually heading in to the tin shack, which is where the concert would be. Upon further investigation, it is actually a wood shack with a tin coating on the outside. There are wires going along the top of the shack that lead to old lights. Seriously, the place could have collapsed at any moment, followed by mass electrocution. I may be exaggerating a little bit, but not much.



We go to the other side of the court and see an area where you can buy merchandise from the artists. This is where the first classic event of the night happened. As I was looking at the Kate stuff, Tiffany was looking at the other chick’s (Emme) stuff. We had no idea who this chick was. So Tiffany asks, does anyone know who this is?, and the chick standing next to her says, “Yeah, it’s me”. Awesome. Tiffany felt so bad she bought a shirt from her.

IMG_2983 Where you buy the merchandise


The Shack

Some of us took the spare time before it all started to go use the restroom. It’s located out of Kilby Court in a run down building. The door doesn’t close right and it’s one of those situations where you have to hover. Girls, you know what I’m talking about. While we were waiting to use it, Emme walks in so I take the opportunity to ask her about her music and how long she’s been performing. She was very nice.

Then the concert starts so we pile in the shack and just stand there watching Emme (who we now know who she is) play her guitar and sing. She was actually pretty okay. She gets to her last song and this is where classic event #2 happens. Many people had been taking pictures of her, including me, but during her song I take a picture and she completely stumbles and forgets where she was. She stops and points to me and says “It was your flash!”. You’re welcome, Emme. Of course everyone turns to stare at me and we all laugh. She finishes her song and then leaves the stage.


This is the picture that took Emme down

We wait around for a little while and then Kate comes on. Kate was awesome. We all had a ton of fun standing there and singing along. When she first starts a guy walks in behind me and starts cheering. He was so excited I thought he must be a huge fan. But then he leans over me and asks me who that was singing. I thought he was joking, but he then said, “no, I’m being serious, I have no idea who she is” so I ask him (with a very questioning look on my face), “then why are you here?” (I know, I’m so nice!). He was friends with Emme (go figure) so I tell him who Kate is. As we are talking, I notice him stop and turn and make a pose. I turned to see what he was doing and noticed that my sister-in-law had taken this opportunity to take a picture of me talking to this random guy (classic event # 3). So now there is photo evidence of my date. Great. We now refer to him as my boyfriend.

meandbf My boyfriend

While Kate as singing, I turned around and noticed Emme standing in the back. I went up to her and apologized for ruining her song. She said she was actually worried that she’d hurt my feelings. I told her that I thought it was hilarious but felt so bad for interrupting her song. So Emme and I are cool now.


Me and Emme

After Kate left I decided to go over and buy one of Emme’s cds. I still felt horrible even though she said it was okay and had laughed about it. She said they got a picture of her pointing to me. At least this will be a show she’ll never forget! I also told her when it happened I texted my husband to tell him what happened and he said, “do it again!”. (Get ready for classic event #4) As I was over there, one of Kate’s people (I’m assuming a manager?) walked over and asked if there was anyone over 21. We all responded yes, and he said, “There will be a dance party on the bus after this.” Then he walked around shouting to everyone “Dance party on the bus! You have to be 21!”. You know that was going to be a great party. I was actually surprised. It made me wonder how often artists did this, or was it just a Kate thing, or a one time thing? People do say Salt Lake has the hottest chicks. Maybe he was looking for some action.

Before the “dance party on the bus!” they said anyone with a pink wristband (you only got one of these if you bought something of Kate’s) could get in line to get an autograph from her. I was first in line. I just happened to be right where he was standing when he announced to start forming a line. It was really lame though because only people with the wrist band could get one (I bought one of her cds) but no one else with me and bought anything. And he said only one autograph and no pictures. Lame. So either this guy has a major stick up his butt or he was just really eager to start the “dance party on the bus!”. Since I was first and the dude was so concentrated on getting the line uniform and in order, Lindsey snuck in with me and got her cd she brought from home signed too. Kate was actually really nice, friendly and very sincere. So I think it’s her manager that sucks.

After we left (sorry, we didn’t attend the “dance party on the bus!”) we had the privilege of being whistled at as we were waiting at a stop light (classic event #5). When we turned to look at the guys they were staring straight ahead pretending like nothing happened. Too bad Tiffany was looking the whole time and saw them do it so they couldn’t get away with us thinking nothing happened. Then of course we got lost trying to get back to the freeway (SLC is the worst for getting back on the freeway. The on ramps and off ramps are sometimes on different streets which is way confusing if you don’t know the area well enough … or if there are two blondes in the car) but while we were lost we had another privilege of getting waved at by another group of guys (classic event #6). Seriously, what are these guys trying to accomplish? What do they think we’ll do? Get out of the car and run to them and declare our undying love for them?

Anyway, to make a long story even longer (sorry this is so long) it was a great night. I will never forget it. Especially since I wrote this novel about it that I can always go back and refer to. Just to clarify, I really had a fun time. Kate did awesome and so did Emme. It was a cool experience.

The End of Book 1 of this series.

Okay, there’s only one book.

Here are more pictures:






This is Kate Voegele (in case you’re wondering)


Luis Merino said...

Kilby Court! I've been there!

e said...

Ha ha, I got a good chuckle about your feelings on Kilby Court. It is a bit shocking the first time you go there, but I assure you, it's not as shady as it appears. It's quite well known in SLC and the west as THE place for up-and-coming artist to perform. It's a real hip music joint (which means it HAS to be weird, lol).

That's a fun story about the Emme girl, too. You'll both always remember it which is cool.

In terms of the "dance party" ... wow, I'm speechless. Sounds like something I'd love (if I was in the 2nd grade and still rocking out to "Jem").

Linz said...

That night was so much fun, I can't even tell you what my favorite part was of the night. I'm trying to choose if it was the bathrooms, or Tiff translating what the guys in line were saying, or if it was when I turned around and saw you with your Boy friend, or Emme calling you out, who will ever forget that! I'm just glad you didn't put up my drinking pictures we have to keep some stuff on the D.L. You down next time Kate comes back you Utah, remember she said she'd add Forever to her set next time.
Btw loved the long post. :)

Rebecca_Adams said...

Sounds like you had a really fun night! That was a fun "book" to read. Can I buy it and get YOUR autograph? You'll be famous! (Actually, I think you already are famous!) :)

The Crazy Wyatt Fam said...

What a SUPER FUN PARTY!! I had a great time reading about your night!